Coconut Water Coffee

This one is perfect if you love your daily dose of coffee. And it gets a nice twist of taste with some delicious coconut water. Simple to make and you don’t need too many ingredients.

• In a large glass, add 1 tbsp espresso powder with ½ cup boiling water.
• Mix until dissolved.
• Add 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk.
• Re-heat the mixture and continue stirring if the ingredients aren’t mixing quickly.
• Once dissolved add ½ cup coconut water.
• Add ice and serve immediately.

Kiwi & Coconut Water Granita

This is a super hydrating drink. The flavour is refreshing and the coconut water adds an interesting taste to the concoction. It’s perfect for those family get-togethers on a hot summer afternoon.

• Stir one cup coconut water and 2 tbsp of sweetener.
• Peel and chop 12 kiwis and puree in a blender.
• Pour the blend into a metal baking pan and freeze until edges are icy. This should take close to 30 minutes.
• Use a fork to stir the icy edges into the middle of the pan.
• Repeat every 20-30 minutes until the mixture is frozen and looks like flaky crystals. Continue doing this for close to 1 ½ hours.
• Use a fork to scrape the granita into a glass and serve.