Healthy Oat Breakfast Drink

Want something that helps you down your breakfast? Try this healthy drink and give your day the perfect start. One sip and you’ll be raring to get on with the day.

· 120 ml Storia® Shake
· 50 gm Oatmeal
· 80 ml Coconut milk
· 4 Pineapple chunks
· Handful of walnuts

· Add all the ingredients (except walnut) into the blender jar and blend until smooth.
· Transfer into a glass.
· Garnish with walnut pieces.

Choco Oreo Drink

We all like a bit of indulgence from time to time. And when you’re doing it, why not do it right? Try this deliciously rich drink and spoil yourself.


· Storia® Chocolate Shake.
· Chocolate syrup
· 4 Oreo chocolate cream biscuit (crushed).
· Toned milk.
· White chocolate shavings.
· Chocolate sprinkles.


· Add 50 ml of chocolate syrup, 50 ml toned milk and 150 ml of Storia® Chocolate Shake in a blender and blend well.
· Blend again with crushed biscuits.
· Before serving the drink, add the chocolate syrup along the inner sides of the glass.
· Transfer all contents into the glass.
· Garnish with white chocolate shavings and chocolate sprinkles.